Kadayawan Festival 2015

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Kadayawan Festival is an annual celebration which is held on the third week of August in Davao City. This is considered as one of the biggest celebration among the festivals in Davao Region. Kadayawan Festival is a celebration of culture, life and a thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest for the year.

Kadayawan Festival 2015

Kadayawan Festival 2015 will be held on August 17 to  August 23  which falls on a Monday and Sunday  .

The 2015  will mark the 30th Kadayawan Celebration. Kadayawan Festival is celebrated as a week-long festival and the organizers usually schedule a number of events for the whole week. Most of their main events are scheduled during the weekends. However, the highlight of the Kadayawan Festival 2015 such as the Pamulak sa Kadalanan (Floral Float Parade) and the Indak-indak sa kadalan (Street Dancing)


The Kadayawan Festival is one of the major festivals in the Philippines. Known to feature a wide array of magnificent presentations and breathtaking floral floats, it has grown to be one of the most popular and most awaited festivals in the country, if not the world.

About Kadayawan Festival

What is Kadayawan?

The word Kadayawan was derived from the Dabawenyo word “Madayaw”, which is a warm friendly greeting used to refer to something that is superior, valuable, good and valuable.

What is Kadayawan Festival?

Kadayawan Festival is a month-long festival which is celebrated in Davao City. This festival is held as a way of thanksgiving for every blessing which have been granted to Davao City. The Kadayawan Festival features Davao City’s artistic, cultural and historical heritage as they prepare for a floral float parade, street dancing competition and a magnificent exhibit that showcases the unique products of Davao City.

Main Attraction

Pamulak sa Kadalananan (Floral Float Parade)

The Pamulak sa Kadalanan is one of the most awaited events of the Kadayawan Festival as it features the ripening of fruits and blooming of beautiful flowers in floral float parade and competition. Here, you will see a number magnificent floats decorated with real fruits and fresh flowers. It is truly a wonderful event.

Indak-indakan sa Kadalanan (Street Dancing)

Davao City comes alive as they decorate the streets of Davao City with local fruits and vegetables as the people gather and perform street dancing, featuring their tribal costumes and accessories as the dancers groove to the beat. It is truly a time for fun and merriment.

History of Kadayawan Festival

A long time ago, the ethnic tribes of Davao occupies a land area on the foot of the Mount Apo. As they emerge to have a bountiful harvest, they usually gather and enjoy a wonderful festivity as a way of thanksgiving. This thanksgiving celebration was particularly offered to the “Manama” (the supreme god).

As they celebrate, they usually display fruits, vegetables, rice grains and corns as they give respect and thanks for their bountiful harvest. This tradition has developed into an annual festival of thanksgiving. And in 1988, this festival adapted the name “Kadayawan sa Dabaw” and continues to prosper and features the city’s rich cultural and historical heritage in an impressive celebration of thanksgiving for all.

Interesting information about Kadayawan Festival

Throughout the years, the Kadayawan Festival has been a globally famous festival and attracts tourists all over the world to join in the wonderful celebration of Davao City’s thanksgiving. Davao comes alive as it becomes a famous tourist destination as they mark the beginning of the Kadayawan Festival.

Davao City is composed of 10 different ethnic tribes, having different beliefs, cultures and traditions. But, they unite as one as they celebrate the Kadayawan Festival and acknowledge the history of Davao City that binds them all together.


Book your accommodations early: The Kadayawan Festival is a famous festival and usually attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world. If you wish to witness this event, it is best to book your hotel as early as possible.

Bring a camera: Known to feature the most colorful street dancing event and breathtaking flower float parade, it will surely be a joy to capture some of these wonderful events. Also, prepare a bigger memory storage device to make sure that you can capture each one of these magnificent features.

Useful Information

Location: Davao City

How to get there: In order to witness the Kadayawan Festival, you are required to book a domestic flight to Davao City. A local flight to Davao City would usually cost you around $70-100.

Date: The Kadayawan Festival is celebrated as a week-long event. Their main events are usually scheduled during the weekends.

Fee: None

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