New Year in the Philippines 2014

New Year new year in the Philippines is celebrated at the start of the year, which signifies the first day on the Gregorian and Julian calendar. This is a widely celebrated occasion and is held in different parts of the world. As midnight strikes, fireworks set off and people welcome the New Year with a blast.

New Year in the philippines is one of the biggest celebrations that the Filipino community looks forward to every year. With the numerous superstitions instilled in the Filipino culture, people tend to do a lot of preparation for this festive celebration.

New Year in the Philippines 2014

New Year is an annual celebration which is celebrated on the first day of the year. By 2014, this event will be celebrated as usual on January 1 (Wednesday).

This is one of the most awaited celebrations of the year as people get together and create an explosive celebration.

Highlights -new years in the Philippines

New Year is a festive celebration which is celebrated with much enthusiasm and superstitions. Also, this is a great time for family get together and starts the year with a joyous celebration.

As people prepare to welcome the New Year, people gather with their family and make arrangements to abide by the most common superstitions such as firecrackers, wearing polka dots and preparing round fruits. These things are done in the belief that they shall have a great year ahead of them.

What is New Year new year in the Philippines?

New Year is composed of a festive celebration where family gathers together and celebrates the start of the year. This is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year and it is a truly joyous occasion.

Main Attractions – New Years in the Philippines

The celebration usually starts the night before New Year. As the clock strikes 12, everybody gets outside of the house to welcome the New Year with so much enthusiasm. During this time, fireworks cover the sky and the noisy roar of the firecrackers fills the air.

After this, the family shares a festive meal to welcome the year. This celebration continues throughout the day as they prepare for a more elaborate feast and family get together.

History of New Year

New Year’s Day was dedicated to the god of the gates, Janus. The word January was actually rooted from his name.

As Julius Caesar altered the calendar and was later on murdered, the Romans agreed to honor his death on January 1, 42 BC. This was done to commemorate his life and his contribution on the founding of the new calendar.

Most countries have chosen to assume New Year’s Day on January 1 before they have embraced the Gregorian calendar.

Interesting Information about New Year

People welcome the New Year with numerous noisemakers to ward off bad spirits. Firecrackers and pyrotechnics give this celebration its distinct characteristics.

Another superstition which is famous during this event is to jump at exactly 12 midnight in order for the children to grow taller.


Heavy traffic: As most people go out to attend a family get together or head out to malls to spend time with the family, expect heavy traffic on this day. Head out early to avoid being stuck in traffic.

Engage in purposeful activity: Filipinos have many superstitions. As the year starts, people believe that how you start your year will affect how you perform for the entire year. To be on the safe side, engage in a purposeful activity and expect a great year ahead.

Useful Information

Date:  It is an annual event which is celebrated on the first day of the year, January 1. By 2014, this event will be celebrated as usual on January 1 (Wednesday).

Location: Nationwide. This event is celebrated within the whole country. New Year is also celebrated in different parts of the world.

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