Rizal Day 2014

Rizal Day is celebrated to commemorate the life, works and efforts contributed by Dr. Jose Rizal. Being one of the most important persons who lead the Filipino people towards the country’s freedom and sovereignty,  Jose Rizal was hailed as the National Hero of the Philippines.

Rizal Day 2014

Rizal Day is an annual event which is celebrated on December 30. This day was marked as Rizal’s execution in Bagumbayan in 1896. This year, it will be celebrated as usual on December 30, 2014. This will fall on a Tuesday.

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Who is Jose Rizal?

Jose Rizal is known as the National Hero of the Philippines. He is one of the most prominent advocates for reform in the country during the time of the Spanish colonial era. Through his intelligence and love for the country, he had written a few pieces which sparked the Filipino people to get involved and fight for their country. More than a revolutionary, Jose Rizal is a revolutionist and believed in peaceful reforms rather than violent revolution.

What is Rizal Day?

Rizal Day is celebrated to give tribute to the life and works of Jose Rizal. He was a doctor, an artist, a novelist and linguist. His two novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, gave birth to the Katipunan Revolution. Through this, he was suspected as the leader of the revolutionary movement and was then executed on December 30, 1896 on Bagumbayan.

Main Attractions: Rizal Day

Rizal Day Celebration

The commemoration for Jose Rizal’s life and work is usually celebrated through the simultaneous wreath laying and flag raising ceremonies which is led by the Philippine President. This activity is usually held in different Rizal Shrines in the country, with its focal point being the Rizal Park in front of his monument. The ceremony starts at 7:00 am. The Flag raising ceremony is purposely timed at 7:03 am to coincide with the death of the National Hero of the Philippines.

History of Rizal Day

Rizal Day was first instituted as a decree and a day of mourning for Jose Rizal and all the victims of the Spanish government during their rule in the Philippines. This decree was made by President Emilio Aguinaldo and was set on December 30, 1898.

Soon after the Americans took control of the Philippines, they named Jose Rizal as the national hero of the Philippines. On February 1, 1902, Act No. 345 was approved which made December 30 an official holiday and marked is as Rizal Day.

Interesting Information about Rizal Day

His poem, Mi Ultimo Adios (My Last Farewell) was believed to be written by Jose Rizal a few days before his execution. This poem was found on his alcohol stove and was later handed to his family together with his few remaining possessions after his execution.

The Spanish rulers assigned a squad of Filipino soldiers for the execution of Jose Rizal. A back-up force of Spanish Army troops was ready to shoot the executioners should they fail to obey orders.

Rizal’s advocacy of liberty through peaceful means rather than through violence was recognized. He was then named as Asia’s first modern non-violent proponent of freedom.

On December 30, 2000 an unfortunate event took place in time with the Rizal Day celebration. A series of bombing occurred on this day which resulted to 22 fatalities and a hundred injuries. This Day was then called as the Rizal Day bombing and was suspected to be implicated with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) – a terrorist group.


National Holiday: Please be guided that Rizal Day is considered a National Holiday. All government offices are closed during this day.

Heavy Traffic: With the simultaneous celebrations and Rizal Day ceremonies, expect heavy traffic on the day itself. Also, some roads might be closed to accommodate some of the programs. So, better look for an alternative route before leaving your homes.

Useful Information

Location: Nationwide. This event is celebrated in the whole country.

Date: Rizal Day is an annual event which is usually celebrated on December 30. This year, it will be celebrated as usual on December 30, 2014. This day falls on a Monday.

How to get to Rizal Park?

From Manila Area:

Ride a jeepney along Rizal Avenue bound for Taft Avenue and tell the driver that you be dropped the TM Kalaw.

Along Roxas Boulevard, you can ride a taxi and asked to be dropped at Luneta.


Rizal Day 2015

The Rizal Day will take place on a Wednesday, 30th day of December 2015.

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