Philippines’ different Transportation: Getting from One Place to another

Transportation is very important to everybody because it can bring people from point A to point B. In the Philippines various transportations can be found in the streets, air and water. Filipinos love to travel that is why knowing the right transportation on getting to their destination is important.



One of the famous transportation in the Philippines and being named as the King of the Road is the famous Jeepneys. They said you will know that it is The Philippines that is being shown in the TV or other in other means of media is when Jeepneys appears in the scene. Jeepneys are considered as one of the indication of the Philippines because Jeepneys can only be seen in the Philippines. You can always see them in every street of the Philippines. Filipinos often use this transportation to get to their destination because the fare is lower compare to other public transportation. Jeepneys are also known from being decorative, the Jeepneys’ operator design their Jeepneys in a creative way, the colorful the better and they even insert famous saying on their Jeepneys.


Tricycles can be seen in many countries and The Philippines has its own version of Tricycle and like Jeepneys, some Tricycle’s operator designed their Tricycle very creatively and with sounds too. Tricycles can be seen in many streets in the Philippines and in the province it is one of the most important transportation because it can take its passenger to their destination faster and in some subdivision Tricycles are the only public transportation that is allowed to enter their premises


Buses are like Jeepneys, they can be seen in every street of the Philippines especially in Metro Manila. The fare is much higher but the commuters choose to take the Buses because of the comfort. Some Buses has an air conditioned features and that attracts many commuters. Buses can also take the passengers directly to their destination unlike by taking Jeepneys, Jeepneys can only take their passengers in a certain destination and the passengers need to transfer to another transportation to get on their destination. Buses are the most important transportation for those who are living in the province and had to go to the Metro everyday to work.

The Trains

If you want a faster way to reach your destination Railway Transit is the best mode of transportation for you. The Philippines has 4 railway transits. PNR or Philippines National is the oldest railway transit in the Philippines. PNR can take its passengers from Tutuban to Bicol and vice versa. LRT or Light Railway Transit is one of the common transportation of the people in Manila and because of Manila’s heavy traffic commuter often choose to take LRT to get to their destination faster. LRT 1 can take its passenger from Baclaran to Roosevelt and vice versa while LRT 2 can take its passenger from Recto to Santolan and vice versa. MRT or Manila Metro Railway Transit can take its passenger from Taft Avenue to North Avenue and vice versa.

Airplanes and Ships

The Philippines is composed of Islands and surrounded by water that is why land transportation cannot take you from south to north of the Philippines. To go to other provinces one must ride an airplane or a ship.


Filipino’s creativity can be also shown in their transportation because Filipinos can create different transportation. In the Metro you can see pedicabs that can run like a tricycle because some Filipinos found ways to make it faster by putting motors on their pedicab. Railway cart is a cart with a wheels and the driver will push the cart to be able to bring the passengers to their destination.  Railway carts can be dangerous because the driver and the passengers must go down and go to safety when there is an approaching train. Habal-Habal is common transportation in some provinces. It is a motorcycle that carries 6 and more passengers. It is dangerous but commuters choose this transportation because they can get to their destination faster and for the tourist it is an experience of a lifetime. Other famous transportation that can be found in provinces is the Double Decker. No it is not the famous Double Decker of Europe. It is a common jeepney that allows passengers to seat on the top of the jeepney. With limited number of jeepneys and the length of the trip, the passengers choose to ride on the top of the jeep when the jeepney is already full. It is dangerous but the passengers choose to ride on the top because of the experience.

Next time you visit the Philippines make sure you will experience riding those transportation especially the unique one.

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